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These games are crowd favorites and it will get the most quiet shy person in the room shouting with joy.

I had a wonderful Christmas time with my family and really enjoyed every single second. Hope this vlog bring you some entertainment and happiness. Thank you for sticking with me through vlogmas and I will see you guys soon. Muchos Besos!


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CHANGE | Templo, Central | Executive News

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You can’t erase the past but you can change your future by doing good things in the present.

But what motivates a person to change?

#IglesiaNiCristo #ChurchOfChrist #ExecutiveNews

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Gone Girl Oral Sex Scene Raising Eyebrows In Hollywood

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“In the prudish ‘90s and early aughts, including a scene of a man going down on a woman would earn you an ugly NC-17 rating. Now, thankfully, the MPAA has loosened up… a bit.

In the past, a scene like that—depicting a woman well on her way to achieving orgasm—would have earned the film a big, ugly NC-17 rating from the relentless prudes at the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a shadowy trade organization that’s long deemed any degree of corporal violence as far more acceptable than female sexual pleasure, and has done more to shame male-to-female oral sex than Michael Douglas. But recently, the MPAA has loosened the stick in its collective ass and allowed women to go there whilst maintaining an R rating.”

Read more from The Daily Beast here:

Cenk Uygur ( and Ana Kasparian ( of The Young Turks discuss. Did you see ‘Gone Girl?’ Tell us what you think in the comment section below.


Scroguard, Gone Girl, West Africa, Magazine Cover Fail & Playground Swings – The Young Turks 10/6/2014 Social Commentary


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Passion of Christ-Play

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Passion Of Christ -Skit
St.Marys Church Talent Show 2013
Farmers Branch-Dallas,TX
Starring:Shiny Philip,Anu Samuel,Anitha Thomas,Rojan Thomas,Rajan Joseph,Prince Abraham,Rusk Jacob,Jobi varghese,Jubi John,Jiju John,Angela Abraham,Mia John,Bijoy Thomas,Binoy Thomas and Prince Zacharia.
Biblical Theme by Prince Zacharia
Directed by Shiny Philip

Kyle Lydell Canty Records Lieutenant M. Toya Who IS Employed With ABQ Ride

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Kyle Lydell Canty Records lieutenant M. Toya who is employed with “ABQ Ride” located in Albuquerque NM, Harassing and Stalking him again. Lieutenant M. Toya’s License plate number to his vehicle is 210-RTD New Mexico , the vehicle is a Black or dark blue colored ford F150, To all of Kyle Lydell Canty’s followers out there do a reverse information look up, this is perfectly legal in The United States of America!! Karma is a Bitch.

Riding Moab’s Incredible White Rim Trail

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This video covers the three day, 100 mile, excursion along Moab’s famous White Rim Trail. The trail is not very technically challenging, so very rideable for most cyclists, but it is quite physically challenging. There are numerous punchy climbs, and it ends with a steep 1,000 foot climb from the river valley to the top of the Rim. Cyclists should be in good condition to ride approximately 30 miles per day. But, it’s a once in a lifetime experience!! I highly recommend this ride for anyone who loves fantastic scenery!

Ron’s World Trail Library:

✔ Arizona – Sedona
o Black Canyon:
o Highline:
o West Sedona Circuit:

✔ British Columbia –Kelowna
o Feel the Love:
o Smith Creek Trails:

✔ British Columbia – Nelson
o Eli Sim:
o Fairly High:
o Paper Bag:
o Turnstyles:

✔ British Columbia – North Vancouver
o 7th Secret:
o John Deer:

✔ British Columbia – Penticton
o Three Blind Mice Trails:

✔ British Columbia – Revelstoke
o Frisby Ridge:
o Ultimate Frisby:

✔ British Columbia – Rossland
o Seven Summits:

✔ British Columbia – Squamish
o Angry Midget:
o Entrails:
o Half Nelson:
o Leave of Absence:
o Man Boobs:
o Meadow of the Grizzly:
o Room with a View:
o Rupert:

✔ British Columbia – Summerland
o Test of Humanity:

✔ British Columbia – Whistler
o Downhill Park:
o Happy Hour:
o On the Rocks:
o Sea to Sky Trail:

✔ California – San Jose
o Braille Flow Trails:

✔ California – Santa Barbara
o Romero Valley:

✔ Colorado – Fruita
o Zippity Do Da
o Joe’s Ridge

✔ Nevada – Las Vegas
o Boulder City/Mother Trail:
o Red Rock Canyon/Diamond:

✔ Oregon
o McKenzie River:

✔ Utah – Hurricane
o Gooseberry Mesa:
o Guacamole:
o Jem Trail System:
o Little Creek Mesa:

✔ Utah – Moab
o Captain Ahab:
o Klondike Bluffs System:
o Navaho Rocks System:
o Porcupine Rim:
o Slickrock:
o White Rim Trail:

✔ Utah – St. George
o Barrel Roll:
o Bearclaw Poppi:
o Church Rocks:
o Paradise Rim:
o Zen Trail:

✔ Washington – Mount St. Helen
o Plains of Abraham:

✔ Washington – Winthrop
o Cutthroat Pass:

In search of Alabama’s best fried chicken: Jackson’s Fried Chicken

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Who makes Alabama’s best fried chicken?
That’s what we asked the audience. We wanted places that you can find only in Alabama, so we excluded restaurant or grocery chains that extended beyond state lines.
So the audience nominated their favorites, then voted on the best places in five regions of the state.
Now, Lauren Sisler and Ike Morgan are visiting the five regional winners, seeing their towns, meeting people and, of course, eating their fried chicken. Each episode of this series takes them to a different place in Alabama — this one at Jackson’s Fried Chicken in Camden.

The Labourer is Worthy of His Hire

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Here is the link to make a donation to Faithful Word Baptist Church (donations processed by Word of Truth Baptist Church):

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Hard copies of Pastor Anderson’s preaching and documentaries can be purchased from a third party, Framing the World:


UADA – Cult of a Dying Sun [Official – HD]

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Taken from the 2nd album “Cult of a Dying Sun”, out May 25th, 2018 via Eisenwald.

UADA – Blood Sand Ash Tour 2018
with Panzerfaust, Imperial Triumphant and Bane (on selected shows)

9/19/2018 Kansas City MO Riot Room
9/20/2018 St Louis MO Fubar
9/22/2018 Baltimore MD The Windup Space
9/23/2018 Chapel Hill NC Local 506
9/24/2018 Miami FL Gramps
9/25/2018 Tampa FL Brass Mug
9/26/2018 Orlando FL Will’s Pub
9/27/2018 Atlanta GA 529
9/28/2018 Houston TX Concert Pub North
9/29/2018 Austin TX Red River Fest – Barracuda
9/30/2018 Dallas TX Double Wide
10/1/2018 Memphis TN Growlers
10/2/2018 Nashville TN The End
10/3/2018 Lexington KY Cosmic Charlie’s
10/4/2018 Pittsburgh PA Smiling Moose
10/5/2018 Brooklyn NY The Kingsland
10/6/2018 Philadelphia PA Kung Fu Necktie
10/9/2018 Pittsfield ME House of Doom
10/10/2018 Manchester NH The Jewel
10/11/2018 Boston MA Middle East Upstairs
10/12/2018 Silver Spring MD H Restaurant & Nightclub
10/13/2018 Columbus OH The Shrunken Head
10/14/2018 Indianapolis IN Black Circle Brewing
10/15/2018 Chicago IL Reggie’s
10/16/2018 Detroit MI Lager House
10/17/2018 Lakewood OH The Foundry
10/18/2018 Rochester NY Bugjar
10/19/2018 Montreal QC Deathfest

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